Columbia University

W4731 Computer Vision

Final Project

Your final assignment will be to complete a significant project in computer vision that uses material that you learned in the course. You have the option of choosing a project from the suggested projects below, or coming up with your own project. You are strongly encouraged to work in groups of two.

Option A: Suggested Projects

Option B: Developing New Projects

You can also suggest your own project idea. The requirement is that the project must use something you learned in this course. Please talk to the course instructors early if you plan to take this route to get feedback on your project.


At the end of the project, you will hand in:

  • A four page report written in CVPR format that describes your project (excluding references). The page limit is strict. The report should be structured like a research paper, including introduction, related work, approach, and experimental results. The report should include a section indicating who did what. You must submit a PDF. The CVPR format is available here.
  • A presentation in PowerPoint format that describes your project. Both people must speak.
  • A link to GitHub containing your code to reproduce your project.


The final project counts for 40% of your course grade.

  • Report (25%)
    • Introduction (5%)
    • Related Work (5%)
    • Approach and Correctness (5%)
    • Analysis of Results (5%)
    • Clarity and Reproducibility (5%)
  • Presentation (10%)
    • Explanation of Method (5%)
    • Analysis of Results (5%)
  • Project Proposal (5%)
    • Clarity of Proposal (5%)
  • Extra credit
    • Creative application or method (up to 5%)


  • The max group size is two students. You may work alone, but we do not recommend this.
  • Each member of the group should submit the report. The report can be identical between the two members, but must clearly say which student did what.

Project Proposal (Due October 31st, 2:40 PM)

You must turn in a 1 page project proposal in PDF format. The proposal should have three sections. Firstly, you should explain the project statement, such as what the inputs will be, and the expected outputs. Secondly, you should explain which methods you will use. Finally, you should explain how you will evaluate success. The proposal should also report who is on your team, and what each student plans to do.

Cloud GPU Credits

After you turn in your project proposal, you will be given access to Cloud GPUs to use for your project.


We gratefully acknowledge Bill Freeman and Antonio Torralba for several project suggestions.